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How to export chart image to a file

Charts can be exported as GIF or PNG files either manually or programmatically.

To export chart image manually, simply use Edit->Image->Export to file menu. Instead of exporting you can also copy the image to Windows clipboard (Edit->Image->Copy As Bitmap – this will copy bitmap image or Edit->Image->Copy As Metafile – this will copy vector/scalable graphic).

In order to export image in programmatic manner (from external program), you can use OLE automation interface described here

Below is a sample JScript code that shows how to use OLE interface from the script:

AB = new ActiveXObject("Broker.Application");
AW AB.ActiveWindow;
AW.ExportImage"C:\\example.gif"640480 ); // 640, 480 are pixel dimension

The code is intended to be used from the outside of AmiBroker.

To use above code follow these steps:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Copy-paste above the code
  3. Save the file with .JS extension (which means that system will treat this as JScript code)
  4. Make sure that AmiBroker is running with desired chart as active one
  5. Double click on .JS file to execute the JScript code

After doing so, resulting example.gif image file can be found on C: drive.

OLE automation can also be used from any other COM/OLE-aware programs/languages.

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