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Stops priority in the default backtest procedure in AmiBroker

The order stops are triggered in the backtest is the following:
 – Fixed Ruin stop (loosing 99.96% of the starting capital)
 – Max. loss stop
 – Profit target stop
 – Trailing stop
 – N-bar stop* (see below)

In versions 4.61 and higher: you can decide if N-BAR stop has the lowest or the highest priority.

ExitAtStop parameter in ApplyStop function is used for that purpose.
 – If ExitAtStop = 0 then N-bar stop has the lowest priority (so if for example profit target stop is hit on the same bar then profit target is evaluated first)
 – If ExitAtStop = 1 then N-bar stop has highest priority and it is evaluated before all other stops.

The same effect is obtained by checking “Has priority” box in AA Settings window.

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