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How to save layouts that hold individual parameter values for different symbols.

By default the values of parameters for given indicator pane are the same (shared) for all symbols. If you want per-symbol parameters, you need to apply technique descibed in this short article.

Since the layout does not store parameter values (parameters are chart specific – i.e. they are assigned to the chart recognised by CHART ID) – then it’s not enough just to switch to another symbol, set new parameters and save another layout.

If parameter values are changed in the same chart – these changes will not be stored in the layout, because the same pane is still displayed (and the parameters are saved for that particular CHART, not symbol).

So – it’s necessary to do the following:
– set parameters and save layout for 1st symbol,
– now – display another chart pane from CHARTS window, e.g.┬ádouble-click on: Charts / Basic Charts / Price (all in one)
– close the previously used chart pane
– set the parameters in the new chart,
– save the new layout

The new chart has different ChartID number, hence any changes will not affect the one previously used layout/chart pane.

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