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Drawing indicators on a subset of visible bars

By default, the Plot function draws the graph for all visible bars. In some situations however, we may want to draw some selected bars, leaving remaining chart space unaffected.

To achieve that – we simply assign Null value for the bars that we want to skip. Our graph will just be drawn for the non-null bars.

This simple example draws candlesticks only on Mondays and leaves empty all the other days.

IsMonday DayOfWeek() == 1;
// assign Close for Mondays, otherwise assign Null
Data IIfIsMondayCloseNull );
// plot the data
PlotData"Chart of Mondays"colorDefaultstyleCandle )

The following example shows how to restrict the visibility to last N bars. The code defines a custom function, which can be called later on for the arrays we want to show only partially.

// custom function definition
function LastNBars( array, bars )
bi BarIndex();
lvbi LastValuebi );

// use Null value for bars other than last N
return IIfbi lvbi bars, array, Null );

// price plot
PlotClose"Close"colorDefaultstyleBar );

// MA-50 restricted to last 10-bars only
line MAClose50 );
PlotLastNBarsline10 ), "last 10 bars"colorRed );

// shaded area
PlotLastNbarsTrue10 ), ""colorYellowstyleArea|styleOwnScale|styleNoLabel010, -)

Draw chart only for last N bars

In the above chart both Moving average (red line) and yellow shading area have been restricted to last 10-bars only.

In a similar way we can restrict the visibility to most recent day only in intraday chart:

// custom function definition
function ShowLastDay( array )
dn datenum();
lastDay dn == LastValuedn );

IIflastDay, array, Null );

// price plot
PlotClose"Close"colorDefaultstyleBar );

// daily high / low on last day only
dailyH TimeFrameGetPrice("H"inDaily );
dailyL TimeFrameGetPrice("L"inDaily );
PlotShowLastDaydailyH ), "dailyH"colorGreenstyleThick  );
PlotShowLastDaydailyL ), "dailyL"colorRedstyleThick  );

// shaded area
colorPaleYellow ColorBlend(colorWhitecolorYellow0.1);
style styleArea styleOwnScale styleNoLabel;
PlotShowLastDay), ""colorPaleYellowstyle010, -)

Draw chart only for last day

Other practical implementations of such technique is presented in these formulas:

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