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How to show date axis in a newly created chart pane

When we double-click on the selected indicator in Charts window to display it in a new chart pane or apply our custom code as indicator, by default most of the indicator formulas will not show the date-axis, unless we specified such requirement in our formula.

In order to display the date axis, we need to click on the chart with the right mouse button, choose Parameters->Axes&Grid tab, then set Show date axis option to YES.


There is also a way to pre-code such condition in our custom indicator formula. To enable data-axis display when we apply the new indicator formula, we just need to add relevant SetChartOptions() function call:

SetChartOptions0chartShowDates );

// sample custom indicator
PlotRSI(), "RSI"colorRed )

More information about SetChartOptions function can be found in the AFL reference:

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