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How to read highest high value of future bars

Built in HHV and LLV functions allow to read highest high or lowest low of n-past bars. If we want to refer to future values, there is an easy way to do it using simple Ref function and just shift HHV or LLV reading from N-bars ahead. A ready to use function showing such approach is presented below:

// function definitions
function futureHHV( array, periods )
RefHHV( array, periods ), periods );
futureLLV( array, periods )
RefLLV( array, periods ), periods );

// sample use
PlotClose"Close"colorDefaultstyleBar );
PlotHHVH20 ), "HHV"colorGreenstyleDashed );
PlotfutureHHVH20 ), "Future HHV"colorGreenstyleThick );
PlotLLVL20 ), "LLV"colorRedstyleDashed );
PlotfutureLLVL20 ), "Future LLV"colorRedstyleThick )

And here is the chart produced by the formula above:

Future HHV

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