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How to fill the area between two lines with a solid color

This example shows how to fill the area between Bollinger Bands with a solid color. (more…)

Calendar day index

Someone asked me recently how to count calendar days (not bars) that passed since first available quote. Here is a sample formula that shows how to do that. (more…)

Price chart with independent style

If one wants to display a Candlesticks in one chart pane and Bars in another one, then it’s necessary to use a formula which does not read the settings from: View -> Price Chart Style.

The following custom Price formula allows to achieve this: (more…)

How to display arrows for trades generated in backtest?

In order to display trade arrows, first of all – it’s necessary to enable the arrows for particular chart. To do so – right-click on the chart pane of your choice, choose: Parameters -> Axes&Grid, then set: Show trading arrows to YES, as shown in the screenshot. (more…)

Discretionary Equity

In the March 2006 “Letters to S&C” section I found the following request:

“I am looking for and add-on […] that would enable me to build an equity curve from buy/sell signals that the trader directly draws over the price graph of a commodity; for example, using specific active vertical lines. Such a software would be of great help for discretionary traders to validate their semiautomatic systems. — PH CHAMBAULT”

And I just thought that it would be nice example of using AFL’s Equity() function and ParamTrigger()


Getting X, Y co-ordinates of Study()

The following code sample shows how to get date/time (X co-ordinate) and value (Y co-ordinate) of starting and ending point of manually drawn study.

How to change the title line in my custom indicator ?

To have custom title in the indicator window, you can define Title variable within the indicator’s code, e.g:

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